20th November 2019

A review of the Green Party manifesto Universal Basic Income proposal

The Citizen’s Basic Income Trust’s review of the Green Party manifesto’s section on Universal Basic Income The Green Party’s manifesto for the 2019 General Election proposes a Universal Basic Income Read More

19th November 2019

The Institute for Public Policy Research report on Universal Credit, and Paul Spicker’s review

The Institute for Public Policy Research has published a new report, Social (in)security: Reforming the UK’s social safety net. The concept behind universal credit (UC) – that integrating working-age benefits would Read More

16th November 2019

New Economics Foundation: Weekly National Allowance’s effect on Universal Credit

In March, the New Economics Foundation published a report that recommended that a cash payment, a Weekly National Allowance (WNA), should replace the Income Tax Personal Allowance. The WNA was Read More

15th November 2019

An interactive performance, Sounds Good to Me

Sounds good to me by Cheap Thrills Performance duo Cheap Thrills brings you food for thought in the form of a surrealist performance about Universal Basic Income. Set against the Read More

13th November 2019

Paul Spicker’s paper about the take-up of benefits

Paul Spicker has written a blog post about the take-up of different kinds of benefits. His conclusions are as follows: Arguments about takeup have often centred on means-tested benefits, but Read More

8th November 2019

BIEN Congress 2020, call for papers

A call for papers has been issued for the 2020 BIEN Congress, which will take place in Brisbane from the 28th to the 30th September 2020. For further details of Read More