18th March 2019

Compass has published a new report

The think tank Compass has published a new report, Basic Income for All: From desirability to feasibility, by Stewart Lansley and Howard Reed. This paper examines some options for the introduction of Read More

11th March 2019

New Economics Foundation proposes something close to a Citizen’s Basic Income

The New Economics Foundation has proposed that the Income Tax Personal Allowance should be replaced by an unconditional income for every adult over the age of 18 apart from those Read More

9th March 2019

Positive Money’s ‘Helicopter money’ video

Positive Money has published a new video that suggests that when the next financial crisis arrives, the Bank of England, instead of creating money to buy government bonds, which enriches Read More

19th February 2019

Disabled People Against Cuts, UBI: Solution or Illusion?

Disabled People Against Cuts, UBI: Solution or Illusion? Free to download This report begins with an argument for Citizen’s Basic Income (here called a Universal Basic Income, or UBI): there Read More

18th February 2019

A meeting in Sheffield on the 9th March

The UBI Lab in Sheffield is holding a meeting on the 9th March: Activists and researchers will gather from across the North and further afield to share their experiences, discuss Read More

12th February 2019

Preliminary results of the Finnish Basic Income experiment, and a Guardian article about them

Preliminary results of the Finland experiment were announced on the 8th February 2019. A video of the presentation of preliminary results, with an English translation, can be found here Information Read More