Citizen's Basic Income

An unconditional, nonwithdrawable income paid to every individual as a right of citizenship.

  • Microsimulation research results 2019

    Microsimulation research results 2019

  • Basic Income: And how we can make it happen

    Basic Income: And how we can make it happen

  • A Basic Income Handbook

    A Basic Income Handbook

  • The Case for Universal Basic Income

    The Case for Universal Basic Income

  • The Feasibility of Citizen’s Basic Income

    The Feasibility of Citizen's Basic Income

  • 101 Reasons for a Citizen’s Income

    101 Reasons for a Citizen's Income

  • Why we need a Citizen’s Basic Income

    Why we Need a Citizen's Basic Income

  • Introductory Booklet

    Our introductory booklet

Latest News

10th September 2018

A new poster for students

The Citizen’s Basic Income Trust has published a new poster for students. On one side is a history of the UK’s social security system, and on the other an introduction Read More

25th April 2018

Citizen’s Basic Income: A brief introduction

A new introductory booklet is now available, published in April 2018: Citizen’s Basic Income: A brief introduction Contents What is a Citizen’s Basic Income? How would it work? Six fundamental changes Read More

14th October 2019

The OECD’s reiteration of previous flawed research on Citizen’s Basic Income

The OECD’s 2019 employment outlook publication, The Future of Work, is accompanied by a ‘transition agenda’. The chapter ‘Left on your own? Social protection when employment markets are in flux’ Read More

9th October 2019

New research on subjective poverty

Nicolas Duvoux and Adrien Papuchon have written a new working paper for the International Inequalities Institute at the London School of Economics, Subjective Poverty as perceived lasting social insecurity: Lessons from Read More

8th October 2019

Louise Haagh, The Case for Universal Basic Income

Louise Haagh, The Case for Universal Basic Income, Polity Press, 2019, x + 217 pp, 1 5095 2296 5, pbk, £9.99 Louise Haagh has been a prolific writer about Universal Read More

23rd September 2019

Two new blog posts from Paul Spicker

Two of Paul Spicker’s recent blog posts are relevant to the Citizen’s Basic Income debate. In an article written on the 22nd September he summarises his contribution to a new Read More

21st September 2019

Conen and Schippers (eds) Self-Employment as Precarious Work

Wieteke Conen and Joop Schippers (eds) Self-Employment as Precarious Work: A European Perspective, Edward Elgar, 2019, xi+ 273 pp, 1 7881 502 5, hbk, £95 This book is the result Read More

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