A new book: The Feasibility of Citizen’s Income

feasibility-of-citizens-basic-incomePalgrave Macmillan has published a new book: The Feasibility of Citizen’s Income, by Malcolm Torry

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You can find abstracts of the chapters here

This is what the publisher says about the book: This book is the first full-length treatment of the desirability and feasibility of implementing a citizen’s income (also known as a basic income). It tests for two different kinds of financial feasibility as well as for psychological, behavioral, administrative, and political viability, and then assesses how a citizen’s income might find its way through the policy process from proposal to implementation. Drawing on a wide variety of sources of evidence from around the world, this new book from the director of the Citizen’s Income Trust, UK, provides an essential foundation for policy and implementation debates. Governments, think tanks, economists, and public servants will find this thorough encompassing book indispensable to their consideration of the economic and social advantages and practicalities of a basic income.

About the author: Malcolm Torry is Director of the Citizen’s Income Trust and Senior Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics, UK. Recent publications include Money for Everyone: Why we Need a Citizen’s Income, and 101 Reasons for a Citizen’s Income: Arguments for Giving Everyone Some Money.

Review: “After decades of debate, the time has come seriously to address not the principles of a Citizens Income, but just how feasible it would be to introduce one. Malcolm Torry’s book uniquely and elegantly achieves this.” (Hartley Dean, Professor of Social Policy, London School of Economics, UK)