9th July 2023


Malcolm Torry: Citizen’s Basic Income: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2020, 336pp, £hbk 115.00; pbk 30.95; ebk 25.00, ISBN: 9781788117869; 9781800376021; 9781788117876. An earlier version of this review first Read More

12th March 2023

An analysis of IPPR Scotland’s Minimum Income Guarantee proposals

Back in March 2021 the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) Scotland published a report entitled “Securing a Living Income in Scotland: Towards a Minimum Income Guarantee” (MIG). The institute Read More

9th July 2022

New Basic Income microsimulation research published

Basic Income expert Malcolm Torry has recently published new microsimulation research on Basic Income schemes. In his latest paper, published with the Centre for Microsimulation and Policy Analysis (CeMPA), Torry Read More

7th May 2021

Review of the Scottish Citizens’ Basic Income Feasibility Study

This paper offers a review of the following publications from The Citizens’ Basic Income Feasibility Study Steering Group, published June 2020. All are available here: https://www.basicincome.scot/. Assessing the Feasibility of Read More

15th May 2020

Journal of European Social Policy blog article about Basic Income

The  Journal of European Social Policy has published a JESP European Social Policy Blog article, ‘The Basic Income Debate: Keeping it Intelligent‘, by Malcolm Torry During the past five years Read More

13th May 2020

Precarious Work, Unemployment Benefit Generosity and Basic Income

The Journal of Social Policy has published an article by Young-Kyu Shin, Teemu Kmppainen and Katai Kuitto, ‘Precarious Work, Unemployment Benefit Generosity and Universal Basic Income Preferences: A Multilevel Study Read More

13th May 2020

A Modern Guide to Citizen’s Basic Income: A multidisciplinary approach

Malcolm Torry’s new book new, A Modern Guide to Citizen’s Basic Income: A multidisciplinary approach, was published in June 2020 The book can be ordered here. The ebook is £25. Read More

10th May 2020

New European opinion poll on Citizen’s Basic Income

FEPS (the Foundation for European Progressive Studies) has published the results of a wide-ranging opinion survey: Across the EU14 a plurality of citizens support the idea of universal basic income. Read More

6th May 2020

More results from the Finland experiment published

At a presentation on Wednesday 6th May, Kela, the Finnish social security agency, gave further results from the first year of its Basic Income experiment. The trial group was 2,000 Read More

4th May 2020

New research on the financial resilience of households

Researchers at the Centre for the Analysis of Social Exclusion at the London School of Economics have published research on household financial resilience. Some households are less resilient to financial Read More