Basic Income Researchers

A list of Basic Income researchers and their interests

Citizen’s Basic Income Trust (CBIT) is the charitable research and educational arm of the basic income movement in the UK. We are affiliated to the global Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) and we work closely with the other parts of the UK basic income movement: UBI Lab Network, Basic Income Conversation (part of Autonomy), Basic Income Network Scotland and Citizen Network.

Our central focus is to support and share the work of all UBI researchers (academic and independent researchers) and to help make this research accessible to the wider public. Excitingly a whole new community of researchers is emerging and we would like to identify and support as many researchers as we can.

If you are a UBI researcher please list yourself here. Where you give us permission we will use this information to connect and support you and help make your work more public.

UBI Researchers (alphabetic order)

Name: Philip Allan
Research interests: Three Pillars system of income support with direct cash transfers (universal dividend, wage subsidy, and savings subsidy).
Contact: not available at this time

Name: Laura Bannister
Research interests: Global basic income, carbon tax and dividend, debt-free money UBI

Name: Dr Dave Beck
Research interests: Food, Ideology, active citizenship and teaching about UBI.

Name: Gemma Bridge
Research interests: UBI and its association with health and wellbeing (food/physical activity/mental health).

Name: Mike Danson
Research interests: Alleviation of poverty and inequality, to change the world.

Name: Anna Dent
Research interests: UBI and the welfare state, UBI and social security/benefits, UBI and work, UBI as policy solution

Name: Dr Simon Duffy
Research interests: Relationship between UBI and disability benefits and the overall feasibility of UBI.

Name: Alison Hawdale
Research interests: How to connect with the public and wider community about UBI; finding what will resonate with people.

Name: Dr Neil Howard
Research interests: Part of a large UBI research group at Bath University; pilots in South Asia, ethics, work, freedom, dignity, gender and questions related to climate.

Name: Reinhard Huss
Research interests: Providing the academic basis in which BI advocacy should be rooted.

Name: Katya Kardashian
Research interests: Ways to help those in creative arts & general population get UBI.

Name: Tijs Laenen
Research interests: Public opinion and its implications for the political feasibility of basic income

Name: Stewart Lansley
Research interests: What questions could/should BI pilots provide answers.

Name: Annie Miller
Research interests: What are the effects of including of a sixth characteristic, ‘uniform’, into BIEN’s definition of basic income.

Name: Gareth Morgan
Research interests: Modelling comparative options against current tax-benefits.

Name: Dr Christopher Nwafor
Research interests: UBI as a livelihoods approach and tool, linkages to rural and sustainable development.

Name: Remco Peters
Research interests: UBI, food systems, diets and wellbeing

Name: Francis K. Poitier
Research interests: UBI and its association with health and wellbeing (food/physical activity/mental health)

UBI Research at UK Universities

Currently there are groups of researchers working on UBI at the following UK universities:

  • Bath University
  • Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Northumbria University
  • Salford University

Please contact us if any information is missing or needs updating.