How You Can Help

Join the UBI debate and get involved

The Covid-19 pandemic and the economic crisis have fast tracked UBI to the top table of political debate throughout much of the democratic world. Now is the time to act, to make sure that UBI is widely discussed by everyone from citizens to politicians and policy makers. 

If you believe a Basic Income is a better solution for providing income security during the Covid crisis and through the inevitable downturn in the global economy, here are a few things you can do right now to help –


Get your voice heard

The UK UBI movement has created a Cross-Party Parliamentary and Local Government Working Group (CPPLG) to discuss and promote UBI. Take a couple of minutes to ask your local representative to join and participate in this group.

Write to them now!


Join our mailing list

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Get Active – Join your local UBI group

Join a Basic Income group near you, or even create one! This site has a list of local Basic Income groups.


Work with us – Volunteer

In order to run the projects that we now need to run, we’re going to need some help. Email, if you have any of the following skills or anything else we haven’t thought of –

  • Writing and content creation
  • Video and animation film making
  • Marketing, Social Media or PR
  • Survey and Research
  • Number crunching and data
  • Fund raising
  • Campaigning

Pay our bills – Donate

These are financially tough times for many of us and there are many ways for you to help. But if you are in the fortunate situation of being cash rich and time poor, we would be extremely grateful for any financial help you can provide. You can rest assured that every penny will go towards growing the UBI debate in the UK