Write to your representatives

Make your voice heard in support of Basic Income

We are encouraging like-minded political leaders at all levels of Government (national, regional and local) to join a recently-created cross-party group on Basic Income and put forward proposals for the implementation of a Basic Income in the UK.

So why not write to your MP, councillors and other local representatives and tell them what you think about Basic Income and ask them to join this group?

The Cross-Party Parliamentary and Local Government Working Group (CPPLG) is a group of MPs, Councillors, Mayors, and other representatives. This diverse group of stakeholders aim to advocate for policy change, Basic Income pilots and the need to test alternatives to the current system, with a view to influencing the wider debate around UBI in the UK.

This group could be transformative in raising the profile of Basic Income and bringing about positive change across the UK.

You can easily find out who your representatives are and send them a letter by entering your postcode below. This will take you to a website called WriteToThem.org and they will take you through the process of writing to your representatives. This is a free service.

We suggest you use your own words when writing, telling them how you personally feel a Basic Income would be good for you and for the country. If you need some inspiration, here are a few ideas for you.

Write to your representative