12th March 2023

An analysis of IPPR Scotland’s Minimum Income Guarantee proposals

Back in March 2021 the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) Scotland published a report entitled “Securing a Living Income in Scotland: Towards a Minimum Income Guarantee” (MIG). The institute Read More

9th July 2022

New Basic Income microsimulation research published

Basic Income expert Malcolm Torry has recently published new microsimulation research on Basic Income schemes. In his latest paper, published with the Centre for Microsimulation and Policy Analysis (CeMPA), Torry Read More

7th June 2019

World Health Organization report on Citizen’s Basic Income

The World Health Organization has published a report, Universal basic income policies and their potential for addressing health inequities: Transformative approaches to a healthy, prosperous life for all, by Louise Read More

6th December 2017

To What Extent Would a Switch to a Universal Basic Income System Provide Solutions to Inequality in the UK

Congratulations to Luke Chilton on gaining a distinction at SOAS, University of London, both for his dissertation, To What Extent Would a Switch to a Universal Basic Income System Provide Solutions Read More

16th November 2016

ICAEW report on implementing Citizen’s Income

On the 15th November the ICAEW (Institute for Chartered Accountants of England and Wales) held a consultation on four Citizen’s Income implementation methods described in their new publication, How might Read More

14th October 2016

A Human Rights Income, by Peter Kobak

Peter Kobak has written a master’s degree dissertation at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland: A Human Rights Income: How a Basic Income Could Help States Fulfil Human Rights Obligations Abstract: Read More

3rd August 2016

A new book: The Feasibility of Citizen’s Income

Palgrave Macmillan has published a new book: The Feasibility of Citizen’s Income, by Malcolm Torry To order the book click here If you can’t afford the book then you might Read More

18th June 2016

A new Institute for Social and Economic Research working paper

EUROMOD Working Paper Series EM5/16 An evaluation of a strictly revenue neutral Citizen’s Income scheme by Malcolm Torry Publication date 17 Jun 2016 Click here to read the working paper Abstract Read More

1st March 2015

Could a Citizen’s Income work?

Click here to read Donald Hirsch, Can a Citizen’s Income work Donald Hirsch’s paper, written for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, identifies what would be the main implications of introducing a Read More

27th February 2015

On the Benefits and Justice of an Unconditional Basic Income

Click here to read Amy Downes, dissertation. Amy Downes writes: In this paper, I will assess and argue for the introduction of an UBI, laying the basis for this from the Read More