ICAEW report on implementing Citizen’s Income

On the 15th November the ICAEW (Institute for Chartered Accountants of England and Wales) held a consultation on four Citizen’s Income implementation methods described in their new publication, How might we implement a Citizen’s Income? Three groups of policy experts created methods for scoring an implementation method; participants then voted on the scoring methods in order to choose one of them; and the groups then used that scoring method to score the four implementation methods described in the report. The three groups’ scores were then combined to give overall scores. (Nobody is claiming that the groups were in any sense representative of anything other than themselves; and whether it is legitimate to add feasibility and desirability scores to each other is of course debatable).

The results were as follows:

Implementation method Feasibility score Desirability score Feasibility score + desirability score
1 41 62 103
2 45 62 107
3 38 33 71
4 34 23 57