The coronavirus/Citizen’s Basic Income debate

A variety of resources is now available to help us to think through the relationship between the coronavirus crisis and the Citizen’s Basic Income debate.

Our article, ‘Coronavirus: and the next time it happens

Our article, ‘Getting Basic Income done

New microsimulation research on a Recovery Basic Income and a following sustainable Citizen’s Basic Income scheme

The Independent reports substantial public support for Citizen’s Basic Income

Wales Online has published an article about Citizen’s Basic Income

John Harris in The Guardian: ‘Why Universal Basic Income could help us fight the next wave of economic shocks

MPs and Peers have written an open letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer to ask for a Recovery Basic Income

Recent parliamentary activity

Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday the 18th March

The Chancellor of the Exchequer’s response to a question about Basic Income

An article in The London Economic, ‘Interest in Basic Income is rocketing – here’s why’

An article by Ronnie Cowan MP, ‘Universal Basic Income would protect people in times of crisis like this

An article by Paul Spicker, ‘The social protection system is failing. We have to find ways round the problem‘.

An article by Owen Jones, ‘Universal Basic Income is the best way to help the self-employed

A video of a discussion about the connection between coronavirus and Citizen’s Basic Income

A second discussion

A third discussion

An article by John McCone

A Counterpunch article that studies the possibility of central banks creating money with which to pay a Basic Income

An article by Otto Lehto for the Centre for the Study of Governance and Society at King’s College London

An article in the Yorkshire Post






One thought on “The coronavirus/Citizen’s Basic Income debate

  1. A universal income would resolve what is yet to come, a repeat of the 1930’s great depression that could be avoided.
    .A global reset has taken place so we now return to Global gold backed currency.We have also noticed China is now using digital currency for their citizen’s basic income.This helps everyone get back on their feet and boost the economy as everyone has income to do so.How else could we quickly recover from this?G.E.S.A.R.A. which has already initiated.

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