Mark Wadsworth, CBIT Treasurer and Secretary, has passed away

Gerard Mark Wadsworth – always known as Mark – was a passionate advocate for Basic Income. He was a tax accountant, and brought to the Basic Income debate a comprehensive knowledge of the UK’s tax system.

For over twenty years Mark was a passionate advocate for Basic Income, and for most of that time was a trustee of the Citizen’s Basic Income Trust. Since 2015 he was its treasurer, and since 2020 its secretary as well. For three years he was also treasurer of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) as its administration transitioned from Brussels to London.

Among Mark’s many enthusiasms was Land Value Tax, and he was keen to see it considered as a feasible means of funding a Basic Income. His final contribution to the Basic Income debate is his chapter section on Land Value Tax as a funding method for Basic Income in the second edition of The Palgrave International Handbook of Basic Income.

We shall miss being able to tap Mark’s knowledge of how tax systems actually work, and his deep-rooted enthusiasm for Basic Income.