Citizen’s Basic Income: A booklet and a poster

Citizen’s Basic Income: A brief introduction


What is a Citizen’s Basic Income?
How would it work?
Six fundamental changes
Four frequently asked questions
Constructing a feasible Citizen’s Basic Income scheme
An illustrative Citizen’s Basic Income scheme
The effect on means-tested benefits
The effect on inequality and poverty
The effect on a typical household
Housing costs
Implementation methods
Alternatives to Citizen’s Basic Income?
Who would receive a Citizen’s Basic Income?
Further reading
The Citizen’s Income Trust
How you can help

To download a printable version, click here

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The poster

The Citizen’s Basic Income Trust has published a poster for students. On one side is a history of the UK’s social security system, and on the other an introduction to Citizen’s Basic Income.

The A3 poster can be downloaded here.

Printed copies are available.