1st September 2020

Our September newsletter is out

Our monthly newsletter is out. It has been a busy month for Basic Income : UBI trials in Germany; UBI in the political mainstream; more UBI Lab Network labs launched. Read More

21st August 2020

Our submission to the Work and Pensions Committee

Back in May, the UK Parliament’s Work and Pensions Committee launched an inquiry “to look at how prepared DWP [Department of Work and Pensions] and its Jobcentre Plus network is Read More

17th August 2020

Automation,Work and Citizen’s Income

The world of work is in a constant state of flux. The type of work we do, the skills required, who does the work and where that work gets done Read More

30th July 2020

An appreciation of Malcolm Torry

The Reverend Dr Malcolm Torry joined the Basic Income Research Group (BIRG) in 1985. At that time. he was a young vicar working in south-east London, married with a young Read More

29th July 2020

Is a Citizens Income affordable?

Basic Income and Sovereign Money Seminar. Monday 10th August, 1830. Free online event. Watch the recording of this event. Basic Income Conversation is organising a series of seminars convened by Read More

11th July 2020

Massive Attack call for Basic Income

English music group Massive Attack have released a track calling for a Basic Income as part of a three-track record in which they reflect on the “need to change the Read More