19th June 2020

Scotland Moves Closer to a Basic Income Pilot

Scotland has been leading the debate on basic income in the UK. A basic income is a regular payment that goes to everyone, regardless of personal circumstances. The amount paid, Read More

9th June 2020

A Basic Income primer video

The folk at Share Ideas have produced a short video, written by former CBIT director Malcom Torry, which explains all the reasons why a Citizens Income is both desirable and Read More

6th June 2020

CBIT Monthly Update for June

Our monthly update for June has been published. You can read it here. Remember that you can get this update by email if you subscribe using the form on the Read More

5th June 2020

Why a Citizens Income is better than means-testing at fighting poverty

The Covid pandemic has pushed unemployment numbers to record levels all over the world. In the UK, nearly two million people have applied for Universal Credit benefits since the government Read More

21st May 2020

Director’s retirement

After twenty-five years as Secretary and then Director, Dr. Malcolm Torry has retired from the voluntary post of Director of the Citizen’s Basic Income Trust. The Trust’s Secretary, Mark Wadsworth, Read More

15th May 2020

Journal of European Social Policy blog article about Basic Income

The  Journal of European Social Policy has published a JESP European Social Policy Blog article, ‘The Basic Income Debate: Keeping it Intelligent‘, by Malcolm Torry During the past five years Read More