10th May 2020

New European opinion poll on Citizen’s Basic Income

FEPS (the Foundation for European Progressive Studies) has published the results of a wide-ranging opinion survey: Across the EU14 a plurality of citizens support the idea of universal basic income. Read More

6th May 2020

CBIT monthly email update for May 2020

The monthly email update for May 2020 has been published. To read the update, click here.                   .

6th May 2020

More results from the Finland experiment published

At a presentation on Wednesday 6th May, Kela, the Finnish social security agency, gave further results from the first year of its Basic Income experiment. The trial group was 2,000 Read More

6th May 2020

Webinar recording about some recent developments in the UK

To see the recording of a webinar about some recent developments in the UK hosted by Universal Basic Income Europe, click here.                 Read More

3rd May 2020

The coronavirus/Citizen’s Basic Income debate

A variety of resources is now available to help us to think through the relationship between the coronavirus crisis and the Citizen’s Basic Income debate. Our article, ‘Coronavirus: and the Read More

1st May 2020

Changing benefits systems can have a larger effect on health inequality than changing Income Tax

A new The Lancet – Public Health article suggests that benefit reforms are more likely to reduce health inequalities in Scotland than tax reforms. Researchers have used the microsimulation programme Read More