7th March 2020

Compass Basic Income Hub, the Basic Income Conversation, and a London group

The Compass Basic Income Hub has launched its Basic Income Conversation The organisers say this about the project: The Basic Income Conversation project will bring together leading activists, research and political Read More

27th February 2020

Citizen’s Basic Income and social cohesion

A recent article in Quillette, ‘Universal Basic Income and the threat of tyranny’, by Shai Shapira, [1] asks some interesting questions: When we examine historical trends in politics and economics, Read More

27th February 2020

Citizen’s Basic Income: a response to poverty

ATD Fourth World has published the results of its Understanding Poverty in all its Forms research project: an international project that is asking people in poverty what for them are Read More

26th February 2020

Hong Kong to make a one-off unconditional payment to permanent residents

In its recent budget the Hong Kong government has included a one-off unconditional payment of HK$10,000 (£1,000) for every permanent resident aged 18 years or over. This is not a Read More

26th February 2020

A new book from Geoff Crocker, Basic Income and Sovereign Money

Palgrave has published Basic Income and Sovereign Money: The Alternative to Economic Crisis and Austerity Policy.  The publisher says about the book: Challenges the orthodox explanation for economic crisis and the Read More

26th February 2020

Guy Standing’s new book, Battling Eight Giants

Guy Standing has written a new book, Battling Eight Giants, which will be published by Bloomsbury during March The publisher says about the book: Today in one the richest countries in Read More