16th August 2018

The cost of Citizen’s Basic Income

Elizaveta Fouksman  has written an article, ‘Why universal basic income costs far less than you think’, for the website The Conversation. Want to get rid of poverty, lessen inequality and provide financial Read More

7th August 2018

An article in the Guardian from a Finland pilot project participant

The Guardian has published an article written by a participant in the Finnish Citizen’s Basic Income pilot project. In money terms, my life has not changed at all. However, the Read More

3rd August 2018

August 2018 monthly update

The August 2018 monthly update can be found here.          

1st August 2018

The Work and Pensions committee questions Universal Credit household based payments

In a new report, the Work and Pensions Committee warns that single household payments of Universal Credit could put claimants living with domestic abuse at risk of harm. Read the Read More

1st August 2018

A Citizen’s Basic Income pilot could be in the next Labour Party manifesto

An article in The Independent says this: Labour is set to include a plan for the radical policy of a universal basic income in its next manifesto for a general election, Read More

22nd July 2018

The future of employment

So what is the future of employment? Is new technology going to deliver a jobless world, or will there be plenty of new jobs to replace the ones that will Read More