12th May 2019

A discussion of Citizen’s Basic Income from the New Economics Foundation

Public Services International has published a report by Anna Coote and Edanur Yazici of the New Economics Foundation, Universal Basic Income: A Union Perspective. To read the report, click here. This Read More

25th April 2019

Sheffield’s proposals for pilot projects

The UBI Lab Sheffield has published proposals for Citizen’s Basic Income pilot projects in Sheffield. A UBI could help address multiple challenges, such as precarity, poverty, inequality, and loss of Read More

15th April 2019

The Citizen’s Income Newsletter, issue 2 for 2019

The second edition of the Citizen’s Income Newsletter for 2019 has been published. Click here to find the pdf version. Printed copies will be available soon.           Read More

11th April 2019

Results of the Finnish Basic Income experiment

Initial results were presented on the 8th February. A video of the presentation of preliminary results, with an English translation, can be found here. Further details of the preliminary results Read More

4th April 2019


Talkshop has published a discussion kit about Citizen’s Basic Income. This kit is designed for you to run a stimulating discussion in a small group of up to 6 people Read More

3rd April 2019

Institute for Fiscal Studies research on disability benefits

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has published research on disability benefits and the supported care for which Local Authorities are responsible: … We find that receipt of … support rises Read More