21st June 2019

Two events: The IFS and the LSE

Two informative events took place on Wednesday 19th June. In the morning, the Institute for Fiscal Studies launched its annual report on Living standards, poverty and inequality in the UK, Read More

13th June 2019

Sheffield hopes to host a Citizen’s Basic Income pilot project

The Guardian reports on Sheffield City Council’s expressed wish to host a Citizen’s Basic Income pilot project, based on a report by the UBI Lab, Sheffield. Sheffield has moved closer to Read More

10th June 2019

Citizen’s Basic Income as a tool for the empowerment of minorities

The European Centre for Minority Issues has published a working paper by Sonja Wolf and Craig Willis, Universal Basic Income as a tool of empowerment for minorities. Minority empowerment is a Read More

7th June 2019

A consultation on the future of social security benefits

For details of the Commission on Social Security, click here. To complete the Call for Solutions questionnaire, click here. Readers of this website might be interested in attending one of Read More

7th June 2019

Natalie Bennett on Citizen’s Basic Income as a women’s cause

The Green European Journal has published an article by Natalie Bennett, Basic Income has always been a women’s cause. In a deeply gendered society, how might a basic income impact men Read More

7th June 2019

World Health Organization report on Citizen’s Basic Income

The World Health Organization has published a report, Universal basic income policies and their potential for addressing health inequities: Transformative approaches to a healthy, prosperous life for all, by Louise Read More