7th June 2019

Natalie Bennett on Citizen’s Basic Income as a women’s cause

The Green European Journal has published an article by Natalie Bennett, Basic Income has always been a women’s cause. In a deeply gendered society, how might a basic income impact men Read More

7th June 2019

World Health Organization report on Citizen’s Basic Income

The World Health Organization has published a report, Universal basic income policies and their potential for addressing health inequities: Transformative approaches to a healthy, prosperous life for all, by Louise Read More

6th June 2019

Citizen’s Basic Income and public services

Social Europe has published an article ‘Why should governments give cash-handouts before providing free, quality public services to all?’ by Rosa Pavanelli. … Until we manage to dramatically increase public revenue—something Read More

4th June 2019

A book about Citizen’s Basic Income by Louise Haagh

Polity has published The Case for Universal Basic Income by Louise Haagh. To read more about the book, and to order it, click here. And to read an online appendix, Read More

27th May 2019

Report on a TUC/NEF conference

Review of ‘The Future of Working Time – a 4 day week?’  May 2019 at the Trade Union Congress. Speakers at this TUC/NEF-sponsored meeting deplored the race to the bottom Read More

25th May 2019

UN rapporteur on extreme poverty issues report on UK poverty

Philip Alston, the UN Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, has issued his report on poverty in the UK: The philosophy underpinning the British welfare system has changed radically Read More