Research & Analysis

27th February 2020

Citizen’s Basic Income: a response to poverty

ATD Fourth World has published the results of its Understanding Poverty in all its Forms research project: an international project that is asking people in poverty what for them are Read More

16th February 2020

Neither Universal nor Creditable: A report on Universal Credit

Neither universal nor creditable: The report of the Citizen’s Basic Income Trust’s Universal Credit working group to the trustees The Citizen’s Basic Income Trust’s Universal Credit working group At their Read More

14th February 2020

A National Audit Office publication on tax reliefs

The National Audit Office has published a report on tax reliefs. The UK tax system had 1,190 tax reliefs (as at October 2019). A tax relief reduces the tax an Read More

13th February 2020

A new book on the social minimum contains discussions of Citizen’s Basic Income

Hart Publishing has published a new book, Specifying and Securing a Social Minimum in the Battle Against Poverty, edited by Toomas Kotkas, Ingrid Leijten and Frans Pennings The publisher says Read More

13th February 2020

New research on the simplicity claimed for Universal Credit

Kate Summers of the London School of Economics and David Young of the University of Bath have published new research in the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice. A key Read More

12th February 2020

An LSE symposium on the 29th January

The London School of Economics held a symposium on Priorities for Transforming Transfer Programmes on Wednesday 29 January 2020 Recent years have seen a growing debate around different approaches to Read More