A new book on the social minimum contains discussions of Citizen’s Basic Income

Hart Publishing has published a new book, Specifying and Securing a Social Minimum in the Battle Against Poverty, edited by Toomas Kotkas, Ingrid Leijten and Frans Pennings

The publisher says this about the book:

This book addresses a topic that is currently high on the agenda in many fora: how to specify and secure a social minimum. The term ‘social minimum’ has different meanings, depending on the context. These contexts are examined in this book from different perspectives, including law, sociology, philosophy, politics and economics.

Besides being of interest for academics in fields ranging from legal theory and human rights to the social sciences, the book also serves as an important source for students as well as practitioners interested in the social minimum, and anyone who wants to gain an insight into the current debates on this extremely important issue.

Two chapters in particular are relevant to the Citizen’s Basic Income debate: ‘An Essential Dimension of the Social Minimum’, by Malcolm Torry, and ‘Ending Poverty: Human Rights and Responsibilities’, by David Piachaud.

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