10th September 2020

Starmer hasn’t backed universal basic income yet. Here’s why he should.

In her article of 20 July, Anna Coote dismisses basic income on account of political and practical problems. In fact, it is probably true to claim that ‘Labourists’ comprise a Read More

21st August 2020

Our submission to the Work and Pensions Committee

Back in May, the UK Parliament’s Work and Pensions Committee launched an inquiry “to look at how prepared DWP [Department of Work and Pensions] and its Jobcentre Plus network is Read More

7th July 2020

A Citizens Income is not a replacement for public services

Would a Citizens Income replace other public services? Like most countries, the UK provides ‘free’ state education and ‘free’ (or very low cost) healthcare. These are similar to a Citizens Read More

5th June 2020

Why a Citizens Income is better than means-testing at fighting poverty

The Covid pandemic has pushed unemployment numbers to record levels all over the world. In the UK, nearly two million people have applied for Universal Credit benefits since the government Read More

13th May 2020

Precarious Work, Unemployment Benefit Generosity and Basic Income

The Journal of Social Policy has published an article by Young-Kyu Shin, Teemu Kmppainen and Katai Kuitto, ‘Precarious Work, Unemployment Benefit Generosity and Universal Basic Income Preferences: A Multilevel Study Read More

1st May 2020

Changing benefits systems can have a larger effect on health inequality than changing Income Tax

A new The Lancet – Public Health article suggests that benefit reforms are more likely to reduce health inequalities in Scotland than tax reforms. Researchers have used the microsimulation programme Read More

1st April 2020

Konzelmann et al, Rethinking Britain

Sue Konzelmann, Susan Himmelweit, Jeremy Smith and John Weeks (eds.), Rethinking Britain: Policy ideas for the many, Policy Press for the Progressive Economy Forum, 2019, xvii + 269 pp, 1 Read More

1st April 2020

Tax allowances

The National Audit Office has published a report on tax reliefs. The UK tax system had 1,190 tax reliefs (as at October 2019). A tax relief reduces the tax an Read More

15th March 2020

Social policies and distributional outcomes

Social Policies and Distributional Outcomes (SPDO) event – The Conservatives’ record on Social Security: Policies, Spending and Outcomes This was the title of a seminar held at the London School of Read More

27th February 2020

Kelly Bogue, The Divisive State of Social Policy

Kelly Bogue, The Divisive State of Social Policy: The ‘bedroom tax’, austerity and housing insecurity, Policy Press, 2019, viii + 195 pp, hbk, 1 4473 5056 9, £75 This book Read More