Research & Analysis

24th May 2016

Poll finds that two thirds of the British public support a Universal Basic Income

The Independent has published the results of a Europe-wide poll that finds that 62% of the British public support a Basic or Citizen’s Income: click here to read the article. This Read More

6th May 2016

An attempt to study the intra-household transfers generated by a Citizen’s Income scheme

The information that it is possible to extract from the EUROMOD [1] microsimulation programme without undertaking a substantial amount of work is limited. There are two main reasons for this: Read More

12th April 2016

Methods for calculating the cost, gains and losses of a Citizen’s Income scheme

This paper sets out three methods for calculating the gains and losses that households would experience at the point of implementation and/or the total net cost of a Citizen’s Income Read More

13th March 2016

Childcare costs

Introduction The Citizen’s Income Trust has suggested replacing Child Tax Credits and Child Benefit with a higher flat rate Child Benefit and merging the income tax-free personal allowance, the National Read More

13th March 2016

The Royal Society of Arts report on Citizen’s Income

Anthony Painter and Chris Thoung, Report: Creative Citizen, Creative State – The principled and pragmatic case for a Universal Basic Income, Royal Society of Arts, 2015, This report from the Read More

10th January 2016

Evaluation of a Citizen’s Income scheme

This scheme retains and recalculates means-tested benefits and sets the working age adult Citizen’s Income at £54.20 per week. The article evaluates changes to the number of claims for means-tested benefits and Read More