14th June 2005

Citizen’s Income Newsletters 2005 – Issue 2

Editorial Citizen’s Pension December 2004 saw the publication of the most significant contribution to the debate on the desirability and feasibility of a Citizen’s Income for several years: Towards a Read More

14th February 2005

Citizen’s Income Newsletter 2005 – Issue 1

Editorial We are most grateful to the Political Quarterly for permission to reprint ‘The Many Faces of Universal Basic Income’, by Jürgen de Wispelaere and Lindsay Stirton. This substantial article Read More

14th November 2004

Citizen’s Income Newsletter 2004 – Issue 3

Editorial The Citizen’s Income Trust is a charitable trust with a single object: “to advance public education about the national economic and social effects and influences of Basic Income Systems Read More

14th June 2004

Citizen’s Income Newsletter 2004 – Issue 2

Editorial We still occasionally hear the term ‘third way’, meaning something like a middle course between public provision of education, income maintenance, health care and other necessities and private provision Read More

14th February 2004

Citizen’s Income Newsletter 2004 – Issue 1

Editorial Whenever the political prospects for radical reform of tax and benefits are discussed, and particularly the likelihood of any reform which includes a Citizen’s Income as a major constituent, Read More

14th November 2003

Citizen’s Income Newsletter 2003 – Issue 3

Editorial In this issue we publish the second of a number of previously unpublished pieces which have recently come to light (the first was Chris Downs’ article on pensions, which Read More