12th February 2007

Citizen’s Income Newsletter 2007 – Issue 1

Editorial Private Eye We couldn’t resist a recent news item: Gordon Brown’s tax credit policy isn’t just driving claimants mad: it’s thrown his own staff into a state of gibbering Read More

13th November 2006

Citizen’s Income Newsletter 2006 – Issue 3

Editorial It is sixty years since unconditional benefits for children were first paid. The Family Allowance was established by the Family Allowance Act 1945 and was paid to families with Read More

13th June 2006

Citizen’s Income Newsletters 2006 – Issue 2

Editorial The Child Poverty Action Group’s recent publication Poverty: the stats: Analysis of the latest poverty statistics in Great Britain (April 2006) discusses definitions of poverty and different ways of Read More

13th February 2006

Citizen’s Income Newsletter 2006 – Issue 1

Editorial The Turner Report The second report from the Pensions Commission, published on the 30th November, recommends ‘reforms to make the state system less means-tested and closer to universal’. An Read More

14th December 2005

Citizen’s Income Newsletter 2005 – Issue 4: James Meade Commemorative Edition

On Citizen’s Income and related topics A compilation of writings by James Meade (23rd June 1907 to 22nd December 1995) It is ten years since the death of the Nobel Read More

14th November 2005

Citizen’s Income Newsletter 2005 – Issue 3

Editorial The Flat Tax Proposal During August there was much discussion in the press about a ‘flat tax’ ( For instance, in The Daily Telegraph on the 19th August) a Read More