Citizen's Income

An unconditional, nonwithdrawable income paid to every individual as a right of citizenship.

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3rd May 2016

Citizen’s Income and housing costs

Jules Birch has written an article in The Guardian that tackles the thorny question of the relationship between Citizen’s Income and housing costs: Is Universal Basic Income too simplistic to Read More

17th April 2016

Co-operatives UK new report, ‘Not Alone’

Co-operatives UK has published a report, Not Alone: Trade union and co-operative solutions for self-employed workers. The ‘precariat index’ developed in the report combines indicators that measure levels of self-employment Read More

16th April 2016

Laurie Penny writes in the New Statesman: What would society look like with universal basic income?

It may seem blasphemous to neoliberals, but a universal basic wage may be the only choice we have. What would you do if somebody gave you a few hundred pounds Read More

13th April 2016

John Harris writes in the Guardian: Should we scrap benefits and pay everyone £100 a week?

Imagine a Britain where the government pays every adult the basic cost of living. Whether rich or poor – or, crucially, whether you’re in paid employment or not – everyone Read More

12th April 2016

Methods for calculating the cost, gains and losses of a Citizen’s Income scheme

This paper sets out three methods for calculating the gains and losses that households would experience at the point of implementation and/or the total net cost of a Citizen’s Income Read More