Citizen's Income

An unconditional, nonwithdrawable income paid to every individual as a right of citizenship.

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15th August 2016

A new Fabian report, Changing Work

Yvette Cooper MP (ed.), Changing Work: Progressive ideas for the modern world of work, Fabian Society, 2016, 0 7163 4127 7, pbk, xviii + 90 pp, £9.95, or online free of Read More

8th August 2016

A letter in the Guardian from 35 economists

Thirty-five economists have written to The Guardian: As the new chancellor looks to ‘reset’ economic policy, new ways of conducting monetary policy should be considered. Instead of policies designed to Read More

8th August 2016

Jeremy Corbyn on Citizen’s Income in a Huffington Post interview

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Labour Party, has agreed with John McDonnell’s suggestion that the party should study Citizen’s Income as an Read More

3rd August 2016

A new book by Guy Standing: The Corruption of Capitalism

Biteback Publishing has published Guy Standing’s new book: The Corruption of Capitalism: Why rentiers thrive and work does not pay. The publisher says about the book: … This book reveals Read More

3rd August 2016

Stephen Sinclair, Introduction to Social Policy Analysis

Stephen Sinclair, Introduction to Social Policy Analysis: Illuminating welfare, Policy Press, 2016, vi + 182 pp, 1 4473 1391 5, hbk, £70, 1 4473 1392 2, pbk, £19.99 The author Read More