1st June 2013

Citizen’s Income News, Summer 2013

News The think-tank Demos, in collaboration with the insurance company Zurich, has published a report: Control Shift, by Max Wind-Cowie. The report calls for a shift of financial responsibility from Read More

5th March 2013

Money for Everyone: Why we need a Citizen’s Income

The Policy Press are planning to publish Money for Everyone: Why we need a Citizen’s Income on the 1st July. The Press says about the book: Due to government cuts, Read More

1st February 2013

the BIEN Congress 2012, Munich, 14th to 16th September

BIEN now stands for ‘Basic Income Earth Network’. Once every two years BIEN holds a congress, and this year’s showed just how appropriate the name now is and how inappropriate Read More

1st February 2013

Citizen’s Income News, Spring 2013

At the Great Lakes Commons Gathering at Notre Dame University in the United States last October James Quilligan, who has recently spoken at a series of seminars in London, proposed Read More

1st October 2012

Citizen’s Income News, Autumn 2012

The World Bank has published a report, The Cash Dividend: The rise of cash transfer programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, by Marito Garcia and Charity M. T. Moore. The authors conclude: Read More

2nd June 2012

Report from Brussels, 26-27 April 2012

More than fifty delegates, of all ages and from sixteen countries, gathered at the European Parliament in Brussels on the 26th and 27th April 2012 to discuss an exciting new Read More