2nd June 2012

Citizen’s Income News, Summer 2012

In September the National Audit Office published a report on Means testing: ‘It is clear that means testing will be used extensively for the foreseeable future as it helps target Read More

6th February 2012

Citizen’s Income News, Spring 2012

The Pensions Policy Institute has published a report: An assessment of the Government’s options for state pension reform. The report concludes that the Government’s second option, a single tier state Read More

6th October 2011

Citizen’s Income News, Autumn 2011

On the 9th March the Financial Times reported that Hong Kong has paid HK$6,000 (about £470) to every resident. The recent Hong Kong budget has led to local anger that Read More

6th June 2011

Obituary: Kevin Donnelly

Kevin Donnelly, who was an active supporter of Basic (Citizen’s) Income from its early days in the 1980s, has died at his home in Manchester aged 82. In an article Read More

6th June 2011

Citizen’s Income News, Summer 2011

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has published Universal Credit: A Preliminary Analysis. Their researchers write: ‘Our empirical analysis in Sections 4 and 5 illustrates well the constraints all governments face Read More

7th February 2011

Citizen’s Income News, Spring 2011

On the 23rd November the Daily Mail summarised the story of the 2008 financial meltdown, and Gordon Brown’s reaction to it, as told in a new book, Brown at 10: Read More