30th March 2017

A local Citizen’s Basic Income that can only be spent on local produce?

A European Commission research project has published A Proposal for Voluntary Degrowth by Redesigning Money for Sustainability, Justice, and Resilience. The report proposes a local Citizen’s Basic Income that can Read More

28th March 2017

March 2017 update

To see the March 2017 update, click here.    

27th March 2017

The Finnish Basic Income experiment

The Finnish Basic Income experiment is now paying an unconditional income to 2,000 unemployed individuals. For up to date information on the experiment, click here.

22nd March 2017

A weekend of events in London, 24th to 26th March 2017

Universal Basic Income Europe and Basic Income UK are holding a series of events in London this coming weekend. The two key public events of the weekend are: Basic Income Read More

22nd March 2017

A new working paper from the Institute for Policy Research

The Institute for Policy Research has published a new working paper, The Fiscal and Distributional Implications of Alternative Universal Basic Income Schemes in the UK. Dr Luke Martinelli, IPR Research Read More

10th March 2017

Basic Income’s Radical Role

On Tuesday March 2nd 2017, Social Europe published an opinion piece: ‘Basic Income’s Radical Role’, by Louise Haagh Most misunderstandings concerning basic income arise from exaggeration about what it can or ought to Read More