23rd January 2018

Otto Lehto, Basic Income around the world

Otto Lehto, Basic Income around the world: The unexpected benefits of unconditional cash transfers, Adam Smith Institute, 2018, 49 pp, free to download In 2015, the Adam Smith Institute published Read More

16th January 2018

A Citizen’s Basic Income Day at the London School of Economics, 20th February 2018

Readers will be interested to hear that during the LSE Festival, Tuesday 20th February will be a Citizen’s Basic Income Day. The morning and afternoon will consist of lively mixtures Read More

13th January 2018

The Guardian publishes a critique of the Finnish experiment

An article in The Guardian studies how the Finnish experiment is working out: … The Finnish experiment’s design and objectives mean it should perhaps not really be seen as a Read More

11th January 2018

A Guardian podcast of a debate on Citizen’s Basic Income

The Guardian has published a podcast of a debate on Citizen’s Basic Income (start to listen at 16:00 minutes): Could a universal basic income be a solution to precarious work, Read More

27th December 2017

New research simulates labour market effects of tax and benefits reform options

A new working paper from the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex reports on research using the EUROMOD microsimulation programme to simulate the labour market effects Read More

14th December 2017

The Institute for Chartered Accountants returns to a discussion of Citizen’s Basic Income

The Institute for Chartered Accountants of England and Wales has published an article entitled Is business doing enough to reduce inequality? … With the increase in technology and AI, social Read More