13th December 2017

Uber, watermen, employment market change, and Citizen’s Basic Income

A BBC Radio 4 The Long View programme discusses changes in the employment market and the role that a Citizen’s Basic Income might play in providing income security during the Read More

13th December 2017

Reducing poverty and inequality through tax-benefit reform

A slightly revised version of an Institute for Social and Economic Research working paper on tax and benefit reform options in the UK has now been published in the Journal of Economic Read More

11th December 2017

A debate about the feasibility of Citizen’s Basic Income

On the 23rd November, Social Europe published an article by Bo Rothstein entitled ‘UBI: A bad idea for the welfare state‘: First, such a reform would be unsustainably expensive and Read More

6th December 2017

A report on Citizen’s Basic Income from Reform Scotland

Reform Scotland, a Scottish think tank, has published a report on Citizen’s Basic Income. A briefing about the report can be read here and the full report can be found here.   Read More

3rd December 2017

LSE Beveridge 2.0 celebration opening event discusses Citizen’s Basic Income

To mark the 75th anniversary of the Beveridge Report, the London School of Economics is holding a series of events entitled ‘Beveridge 2.0’, culminating in the LSE Festival: a whole Read More

3rd December 2017

New ILO report discusses Citizen’s Basic Income

A new report from the International Labour Office discusses Citizen’s Basic Income as an option for the reform of social security: … is a renewed debate about a universal basic Read More