Illustrative draft legislation for a Citizen’s Basic Income

The Citizen’s Basic Income Trust occasionally sets up working groups to tackle particular pieces of work. A recent working group – containing a solicitor, a tax accountant, a student of the philosophy of law, and the Director of the Trust – was asked to think about what legislation to implement a Citizen’s Basic Income might look like.

We are publishing the outcome of the group’s work – a draft Act of Parliament to establish a Fair Allowance – as an educational exercise, and would be pleased to receive comments by email. We would be particularly interested to receive possible amendments to paragraphs, and on the reasons for suggesting such amendments.

The Trust is most grateful to members of the working group for the time that they have given to this exercise.

To download the illustrative legislation, click here







One thought on “Illustrative draft legislation for a Citizen’s Basic Income

  1. Agreement on what is a ‘ Fair Allowance’ needs to be attained on the basis of a Rawls’ian style of social contract . This would involve starting from basic initial principles , drawn from the concept / idea of relative deprivation/ poverty and of the Living Wage. A fair allowance ( UBI) would be that below which nobody agreeing to the contract would wish to fall. As Rawls argues ( A Theory of Justice) an agreed redistributive tax regime would be established to allow and facilitate income transfers from those with earned and unearned incomes at levels above the UBI. Clearly this is an outline merely . Many practical and theoretical economic and social factors and issues would have to be considered.

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