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Our aim is to provoke debate and raise awareness of Universal Basic Income in the UK. We act as a hub for all things UBI, providing thought leadership and research as well as a monthly round up of UBI news in our free newsletter.

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We’re supporting an initiative to encourage local and national representatives to lead the Basic Income debate by joining the Cross-Party Parliamentary and Local Government Working Group on UBI (CPPLG).

Can you spend five minutes writing to your representatives to urge them to join this group and drive action to make UBI a reality in the UK?


New to UBI?

A Basic Income (also known as a Universal Basic Income) is a simple concept: A regular payment to all qualifying residents, no questions asked, no strings attached. Every week, or every month, everyone would receive their Basic Income into their bank account. It would start when they were born, and it would stop when they died.

Want to know why we think a Basic Income would help alleviate poverty, improve health and reduce inequality, among many other things? Then start with our Universal Basic Income Primer

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