Beveridge rebooted at the London School of Economics

On Tuesday 20th February 2018 the LSE hosted a Citizen’s Basic Income day. About 150 people attended the morning and afternoon sessions, and 400 the evening debate.

In the morning there were sessions on definitions, political feasibility, funding mechanisms, and costings methods; and in the afternoon presentations on a wide variety of pilot projects and experiments from around the world. The  powerpoint presentations  are being added to the Citizen’s Basic Income programme webpage.)

In the evening Professors Philippe Van Parijs and John Kay debated the motion ‘This house believes that if the Beveridge Report were being written today then it would have recommended a Basic Income’, and the journalist Polly Toynbee offered her reflections on the day’s events and on a Citizen’s Basic Income.

Polly Toynbee has offered some further reflections in an article in The Guardian, and the LSE has published a podcast of the debate, and also a video.

A longer report on the day can be found here.

Two LSE blog posts were published in association with the Citizen’s Basic Income Day: one on the LSE Review of Books, and the other on the LSE Politics and Policy blog.

During the day, attendees took part in a series of participative exercises. To see the results, click here.