A French microsimulation

Dr Marc de Basquiat has employed microsimulation software and a household budget survey (named MAUF-MS) of 823,815 individuals aged 18 and above grouped in 458,584 households to calculate the gains and losses that households would experience if a Citizen’s Income were to be implemented in France.

He grants €400 per month to each adult and €200 per month for each child, and imposes a flat tax on income at 20% and an annual flat tax on wealth of 1%. The scheme is revenue neutral.

Dr de Basquiat presented his results at the BIEN Congress in Munich in September 2012; and now Heiko Gerhauser has employed an extract of the survey results (of 10,000 households) to estimate household gains and losses on the introduction of the scheme, and has categorised the results in the same way as the UK microsimulation results were categorised in the last edition of the Newsletter (issue 3 for 2012). The two sets of results can be compared in the following table:

[table id=22 /]


Dr. de Basquiet’s paper can be found at
The microsimulation spreadsheet can be found here: