The Labour Party manifesto promises a pilot project

The Labour Party has issued its manifesto for the 2019 General Election

The Labour Party manifesto for the 2019 General Election contains a single mention of ‘Universal Basic Income’: an unconditional income for every individual.)

The section of the manifesto on ‘work’ states that

Labour will eradicate in-work poverty in our first term by tackling the structural causes of poverty and inequality, such as low pay and high living costs, while raising the floor provided by our social safety net. … And we will explore other innovative ways of responding to low pay, including a pilot of Universal Basic Income. (pp. 59-60)

The section on ‘social security’ contains this:

Labour will scrap UC [Universal Credit]. We will immediately stop moving people onto it and design an alternative system that treats people with dignity and respect. Our ambition in designing this system will be to end poverty by guaranteeing a minimum standard of living.

We will start developing this system immediately. But … major policy change can’t be delivered overnight, especially when people’s lives depend on it. So we will also implement an emergency package of reforms to mitigate some of the worst features of UC while we develop our replacement system. (p. 73)


The Citizen’s Basic Income Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registered charity number 1171533. Its object is ‘to advance public education about the economic and social advantages and feasibilities of a Citizen’s Basic Income: that is, an unconditional, automatic and nonwithdrawable income paid to every individual as a right of citizenship’. The Trust is not aligned to any political parties, and it neither endorses nor declines to endorse any particular Citizen’s Basic Income proposals published by political parties. Its publication of information about Citizen’s Basic Income proposals published in political party manifestos is in fulfilment of its educational charitable object.

Anne Miller, Chair; Dr. Malcolm Torry, Director


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