The BIEN Congress in Finland

This year’s BIEN Congress took place in Finland from the 23rd to the 26th August.

A closing address was given by the Chair of the Citizen’s Basic Income Trust, Annie Miller. You can read the address here. It functions as a useful report of the conference as well as an insight into the present character and activity of BIEN.


Videos of some of the sessions are now available as follows:

The plenary sessions of BIENCongress2018 are now available to view here.

Philip Alston, Should We Frame Basic Income as a Human Right?

Louise Haagh, The Ethics and Economics of Basic Income Revisited 

Lena Lavinas, Can Basic Income Resist the Financialization Logic?

Evelyn Forget, The Basic Income Path to a Healthier Society

Roundtable Plenary on basic income experiments with Jamie Cooke, Sarath Davala, Evelyn Forget, Loek Groot, Olli Kangas, moderated by Philippe Van Parijs


There was a poster exhibition to enable congress participants to see what affiliated organisations are doing. The Citizen’s Basic Income Trust’s poster can be seen here. All of the posters will be available on the BIEN website.