New Royal Society of Arts podcast, and a report from the Work and Pensions Committee

To hear a discussion between Anthony Painter, John Thornhill, Jon Cruddas MP, and Dr Louise Haagh, click here.

The report from the Parliamentary Work and Pensions Committee enquiry mentioned during the podcast can be found here.

To watch the Work and Pensions Committee hearing on Citizen’s Income on the 12th January click here.

The transcript can be found here.

The Chair of the committee, Frank Field MP, says about the report:

A universal Citizen’s Income would either require unthinkable tax rises or fail to deliver its objectives of simplification and a guaranteed standard of living. There are problems in the welfare system, but CI is not the solution to them. Rather it is a distraction from finding workable solutions.

The committee did not invite anyone to give evidence who had undertaken the microsimulation research that shows that feasible tax rises, a Citizen’s Income at a significant level, and escape from means-tested benefits and therefore greater simplicity for a large number of households, are entirely compatible. To see the results of such research click here. Updated microsimulation research results will be available soon.