Friedrich Ebert Stiftung report on the digital economy calls for research into Citizen’s Income

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung foundation has published a report on the European digital economy. The project report can be found here, and the UK country report here.

The UK country report concludes as follows:

In the medium and long terms … modernisation will affect in particular the UK labour market and lead to further transformation of forms of working, labour relations and models of work. In this context, the already advanced process of digitalisation will set an important example for other (neo)liberal economies and welfare states. Education policy represents at best only a medium term solution to the problems arising from transformation. Over the long term other, much broader structural changes will have to be discussed, which will also seek to detach work from social security coverage. Whether, for example, the often mentioned unconditional basic income – above the subsistence level – could be a sustainable solution here must be subject to more detailed empirical research.