An RSA article about the Citizen’s Basic Income debate in the north of England

Jonny Ross-Tatam has written an article for the Royal Society of Arts about debate about Citizen’s Basic Income in the north of England.

Basic Income North, a new network, was recently established to support the growing Basic Income movement in the north of the UK.

The aim is to build on the great work that has already been done in promoting the Basic Income conversation across the north, by helping coordinate more events and using our networks to create further connections and opportunities.

The initiative involves a number of established groups and a range of people from across our communities, including campaigners, policy experts, academics and politicians.







One thought on “An RSA article about the Citizen’s Basic Income debate in the north of England

  1. i believe that the universal basic income is inevitable jeu to mechanization and automation there will come a time when even machines will fix make and install themselves with minimum human intervention
    this is a good thing it will free humanity in ways we can not yet emagen
    the only problem is money it makes the world go round and no job = no money if we can not buy the things we produce then we can not produce the things we buy so we can ether get rid of it or give it out freely
    what we have hear is a symptom of technological advancement and it can only get better it will eventually lead to free fuel water and housing for everyone
    i can go on and on with this because fortunately some amazingly clever and selfless people have already worked out how to efficiently manage the worlds resources and universal incomes where predicted

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