A workshop on the ethics of Basic Income at King’s College London

On Friday 24th April there will be a full day interdisciplinary workshop on the ethics of UBI in a changing economy at King’s College London.

The workshop focuses on Universal Basic Income from the interdisciplinary point of view of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Suggested topics include but are not limited to

    • Sufficiency, equality, and the threshold for UBI

    • Political economy and the institutional challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    • Unemployment and the citizen: conditional benefits or universal dividends?

    • Enhancing freedom and autonomy in a changing economy

    • Relational equality and democratic empowerment

    • Open borders and the limits of the welfare state

The workshop tackles the theoretical issues surrounding the normative justification(s) for UBI and evaluate the practical feasibility of UBI in comparison to competing policy responses from a political economy perspective.

A call for papers has been issued.