16th August 2018

The cost of Citizen’s Basic Income

Elizaveta Fouksman  has written an article, ‘Why universal basic income costs far less than you think’, for the website The Conversation. Want to get rid of poverty, lessen inequality and provide financial Read More

6th August 2018

A correspondence between Paul Spicker and Malcolm Torry

The following exchange has been constructed by reordering a blog post and email by Paul Spicker and a blog post comment by Malcolm Torry. From Paul Spicker 1. Do benefits Read More

2nd August 2018

A second and distinct income tax

Common criticisms of Citizen’s Basic Income (CBI), assuming that most existing benefits and tax reliefs intended to alleviate poverty (primarily the personal allowance and tax break for pensions) were replaced Read More

31st July 2018

Noah Schaul’s degree dissertation on the financial feasibility of Citizen’s Basic Income

Congratulations to Noah Schaul on his degree at Utrecht University School of Economics. To read his dissertation on the financial feasibility of Citizen’s Basic Income, click here.       Read More

22nd July 2018

The future of employment

So what is the future of employment? Is new technology going to deliver a jobless world, or will there be plenty of new jobs to replace the ones that will Read More

20th July 2018

Fitzroy and Jin argue for a combination of Basic Income and Job Guarantee

Felix Fitzroy and Jim Jin argue in the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice that Basic Income and Job Guarantee can complement each other: Unconditional basic income, or a public-sector job Read More

20th July 2018

Kirby Swales suggests that the new state pension is a sort of Basic Income

In a blog post for British Politics and Politics at LSE, Kirby Swales writes about the new state pension: … we are at the beginning of a journey where the country Read More

20th July 2018

Daniel Sage challenges the centrality of paid employment

In a new blog post for British Politics and Policy at LSE, Daniel sage explains why we need to challenge the centrality of paid employment in our society, and how Read More

20th July 2018

Rethinking Poverty republishes a Chris Goulden blog post

Rethinking Poverty has republished a blog post by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s Chris Goulden: … [Universal Basic Income] is not affordable, unpalatable to most of the public because of its ‘money Read More

20th July 2018

Nathan Heller writes about Citizen’s Basic Income in the New Yorker

An article by Nathan Heller in the New Yorker, ‘Who really stands to win from Universal Basic Income?‘: … People generally have a visceral reaction to the idea of a universal basic Read More