Research & Analysis

1st December 2013

Evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s expert group on welfare

Click here to read Anne Miller, evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Expert Working Group on Welfare, December 2013 Anne Miller summarises her paper: The purpose of this paper is to Read More

1st September 2013

Basic Income and the UK labour supply

Click here to read Basic Income and the UK Labour Supply- Michael Story 2013 Michael Story summarises his dissertation: While various income scheme experiments in the developing world have increased Read More

10th July 2013

How a generous Citizen’s Income scheme could help to regenerate local demand, and hence the national economy

Click here to read How a generous Citizens Income scheme … could help to regenerate local demand In this paper written for the Social Policy Association’s 2013 annual conference in Read More

17th June 2013

A podcast about the new book ‘Money for Everyone’

To accompany the launch of Money for Everyone: Why we need a Citizen’s Income by the Policy Press on the 27th June, there is now a podcast on the Citizen’s Read More

1st June 2013

Can Basic Income Cash Transfers Transform India?

Since the 1990s, on average the Indian economy has been growing at over 6% a year. Yet hundreds of millions remain mired in poverty, and inequality has grown steadily. For Read More

1st February 2013

A French microsimulation

Dr Marc de Basquiat has employed microsimulation software and a household budget survey (named MAUF-MS) of 823,815 individuals aged 18 and above grouped in 458,584 households to calculate the gains Read More