Research & Analysis

27th February 2015

On the Benefits and Justice of an Unconditional Basic Income

Click here to read Amy Downes, dissertation. Amy Downes writes: In this paper, I will assess and argue for the introduction of an UBI, laying the basis for this from the Read More

23rd February 2015

Dignity, Poverty, and Citizen’s Income

Click here to read Chris Hart, Lancaster, essay on CI Chris Hart concludes his essay: Perhaps most persuasive of all though is a growing imagination amongst a generation in search Read More

31st October 2014

There Has to be a Better Way than This?

Click here to read Robert Price, There has to be a better way than this This paper, prepared for the Green Party of England and Wales, describes the problems of the Read More

26th October 2014

Experiments in Euromod

Abstract This article develops a method for comparing the redistribution effects of tax-benefit schemes using summary statistics and graphical displays. As an illustrative application, it then compares four revenue-neutral Citizen’s Read More

26th October 2014

Unconditional: The limits of evidence

If there is a progression in international development thinking towards a more favourable assessment of a Citizen’s Income, it involves more than one trajectory – and they are not parallel. Read More

1st September 2014

The Economic Necessity of Basic Income

Click here to read The Economic Necessity of Basic Income – Geoff Crocker Geoff Crocker argues that the delinkage of productivity and real wages is the underlying cause of the Read More