How You Can Help

Subscribe, Volunteer or Donate

For most of the past thirty years the Citizen’s Basic Income Trust has had no paid staff, and slim financial resources provided entirely by individuals’ donations. Two years ago the Citizen’s Income debate went mainstream, requiring far more work from us – and still we have no paid staff (the Director has always been a volunteer). We have tried to raise money from grant-making trusts, but we fit nobody’s grant-making criteria, so even though we now have a professional fundraiser as one of our trustees, our applications have all been rejected, and individuals’ donations are still our only source of revenue.

You can help in three ways

  1. Subscribe. To keep up to date with what’s going on, subscribe to our monthly update.
  2. Donate. Every donation, of whatever size, is most appreciated. Particularly welcome are regular donations.
  3. Volunteer. In order to run the projects that we now need to run, we’re going to need some help. Please email the Director ( if you’ve got some time to spare and you have skills and experience that we might need.