5th January 2013

A difficult year for claimants and staff

2013 won’t be an easy year for the UK’s benefits system: it won’t be easy for people reliant on benefits, and it won’t be easy for Department for Work and Read More

1st October 2012

Why Austerity is the Wrong Answer to Debt: A Call for a New Paradigm

The delinkage of productivity and real wages is the underlying cause of the economic crisis. As a result of this delinking, consumer income has lagged output GDP, and the gap Read More

1st October 2012

A localised Council Tax Benefit

The Government is planning to localise Council Tax Benefit. Local authorities, which currently administer a national scheme, will be asked to invent their own schemes. At the same time, the Read More

2nd June 2012

Plan B

In response to the Government’s current policies for reducing the debt generated by the previous Government’s bail-out of the banks, the Compass thinktank has published Plan B: a good economy Read More

2nd June 2012

Child Benefit

In September 2010 the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced that he would withdraw 100% of Child Benefit from any household in which someone was paying higher rate Income Tax (currently Read More

6th February 2012

The human cost of flexible labour

This article was first published on the Open Democracy website on 24 October 2011. We are grateful to permission to republish it. Unemployment hit a 17-year high in the three Read More