6th May 2016

If Citizen’s Income is the answer, what is the question?

The simple question, alluded to in the title of this article, is: ‘How do we end the wages system?’ That raises further questions – ‘Why end the wage system? What Read More

4th May 2016

Administrative complexity

As an article in The Guardian on the 27th January showed, the roll-out of Universal Credit is causing some severe difficulties for vulnerable families. We don’t blame the Job Centre Read More

12th April 2016


‘Reciprocity’ is in the news again. The UK Parliament’s Work and Pensions Committee is to hold a seminar on how the benefits system can be more firmly based on residency Read More

13th March 2016

Why so much interest?

It is of course a pleasure to be able to report so much recent think tank, political party, and media interest in Citizen’s Income. In our last edition we noted Read More

13th March 2016

Increasing the Personal Allowance: consequences for voting preferences and disposable income

The 2015-16 Income Tax Personal Allowance is £10,600, for 2016-17 the figure will be £11,000, for 2017-18 £11,500, and in his recent budget speech the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced Read More

10th January 2016


One area in which transparency is somewhat lacking is in relation to terminology. A tax credit – a real one – is paid by someone’s employer or the tax authorities Read More