Liverpool looks forward to a Citizen’s Basic Income pilot project

The Liverpool Echo reports on the Liverpool mayor’s interest in running a pilot project:

Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson has given a pledge on Universal Basic Income as work to bring in the radical new policy moves closer. … Advocates believe it could help to alleviate poverty, though trials of it have had mixed results in countries like Finland.

Labour have backed a trial of UBI in a UK city should they get into government – and shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said Liverpool would be a good potential trial location. However there have been some concerns within the council over how the policy would be implemented if the trial was done under a Conservative government.

Mayor Anderson has made a promise on the introduction of UBI. Mayoral lead for fairness and equality Jane Corbett said her main concern about UBI was whether the city’s most vulnerable would lose access to other financial support if the city took on a UBI trial. … But Mayor Joe Anderson has said he would not accept any system of Universal Basic Income that cut other support for the city’s most vulnerable.