Compass Basic Income Hub, the Basic Income Conversation, and a London group

The Compass Basic Income Hub has launched its Basic Income Conversation

The organisers say this about the project:

The Basic Income Conversation project will bring together leading activists, research and political support for Basic Income to create a path to the biggest transformation of the UK since the creation of the NHS.

The Basic Income Conversation project is set to kickstart a national movement towards a UK Basic Income.

For further information, see the Conversation’s website here; and there’s a blog here.

Information about the Compass Basic Income Hub can be found here.

A Basic Income London group is emerging

There is a group emerging who are keen to start a ‘Basic Income London’ group that could be a group that does public engagement/campaigning/lobbying. They will be meeting on Monday 23rd March, 6-8pm, at Bloomsbury Tavern, 236 Shaftesbury Ave, Holborn, WC2H 8EG. They will be planning which direction they’d like the group to go in. If you are interested in being involved, sign up using this  Eventbrite link