Basic Income And The Left: A European Debate

edited by Philippe Van Parijs and published by Social Europe

The Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) is one of the most hotly debated ideas of recent years on the left – and, indeed, right. The potential threat to millions of current jobs posed by robotization and artificial intelligence combined with the rise of inequality has contributed to making it a core element of the continuing post-crisis discussions on what it means to be on the left, or a social democrat, today and in the future.

Is an unconditional basic income without means-test or work-test compatible with social justice and individual self-worth? Does it open up the space for an end to demeaning labour and a resurgence of voluntary work and cultural life? Is it affordable?

This collection of short but compelling essays, all previously published in Social Europe, allows both proponents and opponents to make their case and is designed to extend this vital discussion to a wider audience. We are proud to have spearheaded the debate on an issue that is of vital and enduring importance for Europe and beyond.

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  1. Philippe Van Parijs: Basic Income And the Left – A European Debate
  2. Guy Standing: How To Combat Inequalities Produced By Global Capitalism
  3. Philippe Van Parijs: Basic Income And Social Democracy
  4. Francine Mestrum: Why Basic Income Can Never Be A Progressive Solution – A Response To Van Parijs
  5. Philippe Van Parijs: The Euro-Dividend
  6. Guy Standing: Basic Income Pilots: A Better Option Than Quantitative Easing
  7. Vicente Navarro: Why The Universal Basic Income Is Not The Best Public Intervention To Reduce Poverty Or Income Inequality
  8. Philippe Van Parijs: The Worldwide March To Basic Income – Thank You Switzerland!
  9. Robin Wilson: Universal Basic Income – A Disarmingly Simple Idea – And Fad
  10. Anke Hassel: Unconditional Basic Income Is A Dead End
  11. Ulrich Schachtschneider: Basic Income Is A Tonic Catalyser: A Response To Anke Hassel
  12. Louise Haagh: Basic Income And Institutional Transformation
  13. Henning Meyer: No Need For Basic Income – Five Policies To Deal With The Threat of Technological Unemployment
  14. Malcolm Torry: Citizen’s Income – Both Feasible And Useful
  15. Bo Rothstein: UBI – A Bad Idea For The Welfare State
  16. Malcolm Torry: What Is An Unconditional Basic Income? A Response To Rothstein

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