An article in the Guardian from a Finland pilot project participant

The Guardian has published an article written by a participant in the Finnish Citizen’s Basic Income pilot project.

In money terms, my life has not changed at all. However, the psychological effects of this human experiment have been transformative. I vastly prefer basic income to a benefits system fraught with complicated forms, mandatory courses and pointless obligations.

Before the trial, the risk of losing unemployment benefits and the cumbersome process of reapplying for them were an obstacle to accepting small job assignments. The bureaucracy involved made accepting some not worthwhile, or simply too risky. …

I hope this trial encourages future governments to examine fresh options. My living costs today stand at nearly €2,000 a month – it’s a sum I would never be able to pay with just the basic income. And that was not the idea. Rather, basic income acts as the perfect incentive – it gives you security to chase other opportunities. It pushes you to seek fulfilling work – and isn’t that what unemployment benefits should do?