An interactive performance, Sounds Good to Me

Sounds good to me by Cheap Thrills

Performance duo Cheap Thrills brings you food for thought in the form of a surrealist performance about Universal Basic Income. Set against the abandoned shop front of ‘Orange House Action Clinic’ on Roman Road, the performance aims to open up a dialogue with the local community. Having your basic needs met could allow more time to engage with your community, spend more time with your family or learn new skills… Cheap Thrills embody two quirky researchers who believe they have found a miracle cure for your economic woes. Sounds good to them! Is it good for you? 

Cheap Thrills are a Hackney based performance duo who work across live art, theatre and film. They have created work for The British Museum, The Royal Academy of Arts, Battersea Arts Centre, Camden People’s Theatre and The British Library. Find out more on here . 

Location: Orange House Action Clinic, 616 Roman Rd, Bow, London E3 2RN
Time: 2 pm and 5 pm