A brief report, and a strategy

A brief report on progress

During the past year the Citizen’s Income Trust has

  • launched a new website
  • implemented a new communication policy, including an active twitter account and monthly updates
  • held an event at Conway Hall (listen to the podcast)
  • started work on a conference to be organised by a number of organisations working together
  • responded to an increasing number of requests for information and for assistance with research
  • published three issues of the Citizens’ Income Newsletter
  • published new research in the Newsletter and elsewhere

Thank you to everyone who has helped us with all of this, and particularly to those whose financial contributions made possible the new website.

Our strategy

The Citizen’s Income Trust’s trustees have agreed a strategy for the next couple of years:

To educate about and raise awareness of a number of key challenges facing society today and over the next few decades which mean that our tax and benefits system is no longer fit for purpose. (These challenges include the dysfunctions of the tax and benefits system, changing work patterns, an ageing population, and the risks of technological unemployment.)

To promote debate about the potential for Citizen’s Income to address these challenges. We will use a range of channels to reach these key audiences, including online, social media, the press, public events, and face-to-face meetings.

To undertake further research into the feasibility and desirability of the Citizen’s Income policy, in particular by developing additional workable and costed proposals and undertaking or monitoring feasibility studies. The Trust has two programmes of work:

  1. Education: raising awareness and promoting debate, and
  2. Research: building our expertise and knowledge about the feasibility and impacts of a Citizen’s Income

Current plans include:

  • Continuing to identify key audiences and appropriate educational activity for them.
  • Events to enable us to engage with a variety of audiences.
  • New research (for instance, on Citizen’s Income and housing, the feasibility of a UK pilot project, additional illustrative Citizen’s Income schemes … ) and dissemination of the results in publications and on the website.
  • A new introductory booklet and poster

Resources: As plans develop, we shall be looking for funding for publications and events. We continue to operate entirely on the basis of voluntary labour, and will be looking for additional volunteers with the skills that we need.