Have a Conversation about basic income

By Michael Pugh (*)

We have now marked the one-year anniversary of lockdown in the UK. The end is now in sight but it’s vital that we don’t just go “back to normal”. It is now time to talk about how we rebuild our country. It’s time to talk about Universal Basic Income (UBI). So why not start your conversation by downloading the Basic Income Conversation toolkit?

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Why Conversations?

A basic income would go to everyone, so everyone should have their say about what it looks like.
We want to spark a wave of basic income conversations right across the country this Spring, embedding the idea into public consciousness.
Basic Income Conversations will spread the word about this big idea, taking basic income to thousands of people for the very first time. These Conversations are designed to increase people’s understanding and improve the quality of debate.

Download the Basic Income Conversation Toolkit

What is a Basic Income Conversation?

A Basic Income Conversation is a structured discussion that helps you deepen your understanding of basic income and look at its potential impacts. They are led by your stories – of why we need basic income, what we’d do with it and what impact it would have on our communities.
Our Toolkit helps you lead the Conversation. You’ll be leading the calls for a basic income and shaping our work with your stories.

Get the Basic Income Conversation Toolkit

Download the Toolkit today and start planning your Basic Income Conversation now!

(*) Michael Pugh is Director and Co-Founder of the Basic Income Conversation. He’s a Community Organiser by trade with a background in the Living Wage Campaign having worked for Citizens UK. He sees basic income as vital to shaping our future and seeks to blend community organising, advocacy and research to make it a reality. The Basic Income Conversation blends organising, advocacy and research to promote basic income in the UK. Email: michael@basicincomeconversation.org